Diggin’ Dinosaurs

Digging For Dinos (front) R410 2013

Diggin’ Dinosaurs, Dirt, and Other Fun Songs contains the songs from three previous learning units that were produced and sold in packets with cassette tapes, guides and master copies of lyrics and activities. Teachers bought these units to use music to help introduce, teach, review, and inspire learning on a variety of subjects. All the songs have been digitally remastered and were sold on one CD. Now you can listen to and download free any of these songs. Spoiler alert: These songs were written and recorded decades ago, the musical arrangements and instrumentation are not what they would be now and don’t expect Joan to sing them in the same key today!

All songs by Joan Maute unless otherwise noted, guitar and vocals Joan Maute, piano, keyboards and everything else Tim Sleep. Cover design Meredith Chase.

WARNING: Great as these songs are, they do not teach. Teachers teach. The songs only have value when the lyrics are given meaning, then they help the students remember the meaning. 

Click on song title to hear the song and see the lyrics. It will open a new window. You will be able to download any song free from the new window that plays the song. To return to this site click on the back arrow on your browser.

Diggin’ Dinosaurs: Diggin’ In The Dirt, Talkin’ Dinosaur Blues

Fun Songs: The Muse (Ann Mortifee & Valerie Hennell), Ballad of The Portable Kid, A Special Bond, Mulberry Crush (Ann Mortifee), 

Write On Rainbows: A Raindrop’s Lament, A Treasure We All Can Win, Talkin’ Repairman Blues

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