Joan Maute, Imagine the possibilities...
music never ends

On the last day of eighth grade Joan got her first real guitar (thank-you Mr. Williamson), a four-stringed tenor guitar. Joan wrote her first song when she was 14 when she entered a talent contest. Thinking she would show more talent by singing her own composition, Joan forgot it would only show talent if it was a good song! She lost that competition to a tap dancer in a sequin sports jacket. This was the 60s and the Chicago area was filled with coffee houses in the city and suburbs where aspiring performers could sing. By her junior year in high school Joan was the “house” singer at a local coffee house, Grendle’s Fen. Not only did this provide weekly time in front of an audience but the other, older and more experienced singers and players, took an interest in helping Joan progress from that original four-stringed guitar to an old Gibson LGO six string. They taught her the mysteries of barre chords, the blues, traditional and topical folk music. Her writing improved and she had songs published in Chicago Folk Scene but mainly sang the songs of the contemporary singer/songwriters, Bob Dylan, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ian Tyson, Joni Mitchell, Peter Yarrow, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, and others.

During her senior year of high school she began singing at other coffee houses and clubs in Chicago and the suburbs and by the time she went to college she was doing college concerts, clubs and coffee houses, and television appearances. While she loved performing, she really hated the road so retired from performing during her senior year of college. She’s always said music would be a
part of her life even if it wasn’t her life.

After graduation from college Joan began teaching and her guitar went into the classroom with her. In 1981 while working on her research for her M.Ed. Joan wrote
The Alternative Energy Suite four songs written to help teachers teach about solar, wind, hydroelectric, and conservation power. Prior to this she’d always taken existing songs to teach, this was the first time she’d actually written songs to teach specific concepts and subjects. It opened up a whole new part of her career, taking the two things she loved to do, teach and sing, and putting them together. Joan has written and produced over 50 educational songs that continue to be used with students from Early Childhood to Graduate School. Dr. Maute has been an educational consultant, songwriter, singer and producer since the 80s. She has worked on projects for The Royal Canadian Opera Company, Softball Canada, The Environmental Protection Agency, the television series on energy, Transitions and most recently (2012) Hole in the Bottom of the Sea, a song and children’s book by Christine Lavin and Betsy Franco Feeney. Joan continues to write, record, and perform educational songs. Her latest educational song, Get Out and Stay Out!, is a fire safety song written in 2010 for the Hilton Head Fire Department. Many of Joan’s educational songs are available on Songs For Teaching. You can follow this link to see CDs, titles and lyrics of her educational songs. (You can also just contact Joan through this website, tell her you’re a teacher and she’ll send you MP3s of her educational songs.)

In addition to her educational music, Joan continued to write, record, and perform other music, songs of her soul, life, family, and the times. After releasing many cassettes and three CDs of educational music, she recorded and released
Dream, Stretch & Grow in 2002. Once she retired, Joan had more time to concentrate on the music of her soul. She began writing again and searching out songs by other singer/songwriters to perform. Look Around was recorded from 2008-2010 and released in March of 2010. The summer of 2010 Joan was performing a lot on Hilton Head and in the fall was back in the studio, this time in Nashville. May 2011 she released a new EP/CD These Things Live On In Me, to honor her Mom who passed away in February, 2011. Recording with Thomm Jutz and the other amazing musicians in Nashville opened a new chapter of Joan’s studio work. She went back to work with them in 2013 recording So Much More and again in the fall of 2014 to create Bring It Around Again. You can listen to songs from these CDs by following the “listen” link to the right.
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