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Joan Maute, Ed.D. Imagine the possibilities...

learning never ends
During Joan’s 30+ years in public education, she taught middle school (history, language arts, media and journalism), was a team leader and lead teacher, district social studies coordinator, and staff development coordinator. In addition to working in her district, Joan was active (and an officer) in state and national professional organizations, taught graduate school, wrote articles for educational journals, presented at national conferences, and consulted for schools and districts. Joan has worked and co-presented with Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary) on Don’t Laugh At Me, an anti-bullying program available free to teachers and schools. Although she never taught music, Joan has long been recognized for her use of music as a teaching strategy to teach across the curriculum at all grade levels as featured in this article from 1982. Joan continues to be an advocate for the power and importance of the arts in education, both as stand alone subjects and to enhance learning across the curriculum.
Recent presentations include:
  • Back to the Classroom: Back to the Future
  • Bullies Up Close and Personal
  • Celebrating Teaching and Learning
  • Dream, Stretch & Grow
  • Keeping the Arts in Schools
  • Music Speaks Louder than Words
  • New Routes to Success
  • Too Much to Learn, Too Little Time

Joan's areas of expertise and experience include: Adult Learning, Change Process, Curriculum, Induction/Mentoring, Leadership, Teaching and Learning: (Motivation, Application, Integration, Celebration), Middle School: Advisory, Block Scheduling, Core, Encore, Student Characteristics, Teacher Leadership, Teaming, Transition (student, teacher, and school), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: (Qualified trainer since 1997) and Staff Development.
Here is a link to "The Spirit of Teacher Learning", a Middle Ground online featured article by Joan.
A believer in students and learning, Joan can be found in local classrooms using her music to teach students about the environment, earth science, history, and goal setting. A life-long learner, Joan continues to attend workshops (including Janis Ian’s
Master Class and songwriting and performance classes with Tom Paxton, Kathy Mattea, Don Henry and Jon Vezner) and work as an educational consultant on a variety of projects.
Since 2011, Joan has been an instructor for Guitars In The Classroom and joined the board as the Director of Education. (See tab to the right for more information.)
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