Earth Day
free songs for our earth

In celebration of Earth Day and hoping every day will be Earth day, I am making the following songs available for free download. You can get the full lyrics by clicking on Songs for Our Earth (which will take you to my old web site) and clicking on the song title of the song you want. All songs by Joan Maute, ©Studio 2.
Click on song title below to play song. To download song, Ctrl Click (Mac) or Right Click (Windows) on the title then save link as mp3.
Diary of the Earth and Trees "If the earth could talk, if the trees could sing a song, then we all could know what's been happening all along. If we could see through their eyes, and hear it in their words, what would their story be?..."
Use It Again "When we recycle we use it again, when we recycle we're the world's friend, we're saving power, resources and trees, so don't throw it out, recycle it please..."
Solar Power Rag"Shine, shine, shine on down shine upon the city and the town. Sun shine on you and me, warm us up and make us free..."
Let Us Plant a Tree"Let us plant a tree, see how lovely it will be watch it stretch and grow in the sun. And then years away we will hear them say, 'see what man and nature have done'..."
Make A Trap to Capture the Wind"...the wind can help us to have some fun it can bring a smile to our face. It blows around always on the run it can help us win our race..."