Imagine the Possibilities...learning never ends

During the 2002-2003 school year Joan was presenting daily, teaching to and learning with, six classes of eighth-grade students at Scullen and Hill Middle Schools. June 9, 2003 she retired after teaching for thirty-four years.

She is now teaching graduate school, consulting, relaxing, writing, reading, and singing.

Recent presentations include:

  • Back to the Classroom: Back to the Future
  • Bullies Up Close and Personal
  • Celebrating Teaching and Learning
  • Dream, Stretch & Grow
  • Music Speaks Louder than Words
  • New Routes to Success
  • Too Much to Learn, Too Little Time

Joan's areas of expertise and experience include:
Adult Learning, Change Process, Curriculum, Induction/Mentoring, Leadership, Teaching and Learning: (Motivation, Application, Integration, Celebration), Middle School: Advisory, Block Scheduling, Core, Encore, Student Characteristics, Teacher Leadership, Teaming, Transition (student, teacher, and school), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: (Qualified trainer since 1997) and Staff Development.

Here is a link to "The Spirit of Teacher Learning", a Middle Ground online featured article by Joan.

Please contact Joan (630-886-4900; joan) for further information.