Work In Progress: 8/25/21, please check back in a few days as more resources will be added. Plan to spend a lot of time on this site. Don’t miss the listening, reading, viewing, and classrooms. Janis continues to be an outstanding singer/songwriter/ guitarist and now is sharing her expertise and experience by teaching master classes. Her final U.S. tour is scheduled for 2022. Check her website for dates and locations and if at all possible, plan to attend one of her concerts, Joan certainly will be at a couple.  Christine is not only a gifted singer/songwriter, she’s also written two great books, Amoeba Hop and Hole in The Bottom of the Sea (HITBOTS) based on the songs she wrote. Full disclosure, Joan worked with Chris and Betsy as an educational consultant on HITBOTS and also sang on the recording with the Guys & Dolphins All-Starfish Band. This is the web page for Peter Yarrow's "Don't Laugh at Me" anti-bullying program. Joan worked and co-presented with Peter and DLAM when she was still in the classroom. The program is available free and based on the song, “Don’t Laugh At Me” by Steve Seskin.  If you don't know about it check it out. The "Wikipedia of science songs,” (7,000+ songs in a searchable database) covering the expanding universe of educational music since 2004! Whether you're looking for a new YouTube rap video about genomics or a decades-old song about the periodic table, you've come to the right page!

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