February 2020
’m back playing, singing and next month I start teaching again! Reclaiming my life from cancer big time. Cancer checkups are clear so far.

December 2019
Sorry I haven’t kept this up to date. We’re loving living in Colorado. I’ve been busy kicking cancer’s butt since January 2019 good news is Joan 1, Cancer zip...as of now. It was on my tongue, two surgeries and many therapies later I’m playing and singing again. God is good, life is good, and my friends and family have been amazing with support. I will go back to teaching in 2020.

August 2016
It’s been a crazy, busy year so far. Crazy and busy but very good! By the end of 2015 we had decided to leave Hilton Head and the ocean and head for the mountains of Colorado. Sounds easy, right? We spent months getting the Hilton Head house ready to sell, selling it, exploring and finding a new home in Fort Collins, packing, moving, unpacking, you get the picture.

I’ll be continuing this entry in the next few days, please check back for info and pictures of my two GITC schools that got programs funded by a new CMA Foundation grant, a couple of pictures of Swannanoa this year, and what we’re doing here now.

Here’s a hint...she’s calling Mark PopPop and me GG (for Gramma Guitar).

September 2016
OK, it’s busy here but we’re making progress. Nothing like a brand new house to keep the “to do” list growing!

Before I left Hilton Head I had the privilege of working with two schools thanks to a grant from the CMA Foundation and a huge ukulele donation from Kala. I’ll put more details on the GITC page but here are the teachers from Hardeeville Elementary School in Jasper County, SC


and those at Hilton Head School for Creative Arts on HHI in Beaufort County, SC.


Life with Rayna (we like seeing her parents, Kyle and Meg too!)

I’ve just competed a “jump start” GITC class at VanBuren Elementary School in Loveland and am in the process of working with Thompson School District in Loveland to offer GITC to all teachers. stay tuned...more soon...