September 2013
What a summer! Here are some of the highlights.
June: I was in Nashville recording my new album, So Much More with Thomm Jutz, Mark Fain, Justin Moses, and Lynn Williams.

I got back on HHI in time to teach a GITC class for teachers in Beaufort County Schools
July: I was in Nashville for NAMM representing Guitars In The Classroom (with Larry Mitchell and Buddy Mondlock, GITC artists)
then got back just in time to Sing for Savannah Songwriters and co-teach You Can Uke with Mark: 12 middle school students made their own wolfeleles with Mark’s guidance and I taught them how to play them. On the fourth day they gave a concert for their parents and friends and sang and played
This Land, Yellow Submarine, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and Rock Around the Clock.

Swannanoa: July 28- Aug 3 for the third year in a row I was off to Swannanoa, NC for the Contemporary Folk and Guitar Week at Warren Wilson College. This is my time to learn, I took classes from Cozy Sheridan, Janis Ian, and Marcy Marxer and of course spent the rest of the time playing, singing, and in general having a great time. When I got back I slept for a couple of days!

August: I had a chance to stay on island, play and sing at the beach on Tuesdays, relax, take Evrust for rides with the drop top down, and work on the final logistics for my new CD, So Much More. I need another nap!