November 2012
My life since May has been fantastic, filled with music, teaching, learning, fun, family and friends. Guitars In The Classroom continues to be a major focus in my life. I am now on the GITC board as the Director of Education, I continue to teach here and near Savannah. This summer I co-taught (with Jess Baron, GITC founder and executive director) a one-week intensive GITC class at Club Passim in Boston, I love the enthusiasm, creativity, courage, and fun the teachers bring to class as well as the new songs constantly being written by the teachers and their students. You can “like” Guitars In The Classroom on Facebook or check out the GITC website.
Below are some of the highlights of the summer and fall.
Students in South Carolina

Teachers on Hilton Head and in Boston

If it’s the last week in July and the first week in August you’ll find me at Warren Wilson College
in Swannanoa, NC learning with 300 others from some of the best. This year I took song writing and performance
classes and even ventured into Boogie Woogie Bootcamp (can’t you just see the concentration on my face).


Representing GITC at the NAMM show in Nashville (with Janis Ian) and transporting guitars from John’s Music
Hilton Head Island, SC where they were adjusted and restrung to Pooler Elementary School, Pooler, GA.


with Kyle at the US Disc Golf Championships (he came in fourth, yea Kyle!) and clowning around with Mark .