Places I often visit on the web (when I can’t go there in person):

The 1861 Project Whether you just want to hear some of the best music I’ve heard in a while or are interested in using these songs to teach about the Civil War, this is a site that will keep you coming back for more. You can hear full versions of all the songs and read about the writers and performers.

Guitars for Vets in the Carolinas This is the facebook page for our Carolina Guitars for Vets. To find out if there is a chapter in your area and to read more about what this organization is doing for our returning Vets you can go to the national page, Guitars For Vets.

Guitars in the ClassroomGITC’s” Mission
Our mission is to transform pre-k through high school classrooms by training teachers to integrate musical learning in lessons in order to increase student engagement, employ oral language practice, and promote student achievement across the academic curriculum.  In our free workshops, teachers learn to sing with confidence, play guitar, lead songs, and to select, teach, and facilitate the student writing of educational songs. This daily integration of music with academic learning provides positive, inspiring musical access for all students as part of the regular school day. “ Plan to spend a lot of time on this site. Don’t miss the listening, reading, viewing and classrooms. Janis continues to be an outstanding singer/songwriter/ guitarist and now is sharing her expertise and experience by teaching master classes. Christine is not only a gifted singer/songwriter, she’s also written two songs, Amoeba Hop and Hole in The Bottom of the Sea that are children’s books. an amazing resource for teachers wanting to use music in all curricular areas and for all ages and teaching. This is the web page for Peter Yarrow's Don't Laugh at Me anti-bullying program. I've been working with Peter and DLAM for over five years. The program is available free. If you don't know about it check it out. You’ll find more science and math songs than you ever knew existed in this data base. Organized and run by one of the members of The Science Songwriters Association, thanks Greg for all your work!

Ten Events In Criminal Justice History that Changed Law Enforcement Forever There are many things we take for granted here in the United States. This list of events, starting with the signing of The Constitution and going through The Patriot Act, gives background on how events and public and government reaction to the events have changed the law of the land and law enforcement. Thanks to Gregory Miller for researching, creating, and sharing this list. Home and Safety information for kids. (Thanks to Jennifer for finding this resource for me.) Mary found this great link and sent it to me to share with you. It is an expert guide on kids’ home safety which is good for kids and adults to read. Thanks Mary! "Traffic Signs and Safety for Kids" (Thanks to Alyssa Britton’s Fourth-Grade Class at Jean Massieu Academy in Grand Prairie, Texas for finding this resource for me.)

Tune in Memory 1987 Middle School Journal article by Joan

more to come, please check back later.