Guitars in the Classroom

I am teaching free guitar lessons as part of the national Guitars in the Classroom project. Any teacher who works with students qualifies for the free lessons and use of a guitar (or ukulele) and support materials.   (No music background is necessary.) Guitars in the Classroom inspires, trains and equips general classroom teachers, specialists, and others to integrate music and music making across the academic curriculum through “song-based instruction” so students of all ages have the opportunity to learn through music.  For further information about Guitars in the Classroom go to  

Read all about it in the Island Packet:
Guitars in the Classroom program has teachers strumming

GITC: Fall 2013
New beginners classes are filled at Beaufort Elementary School where I will be working with 30 teachers! Below is a picture of the group that began in September. Check back for the October group.
I am also teaching a new beginners class at Pooler Elementary School near Savannah, GA. Beginners will be joined with teachers continuing who started last year. Below is a picture of Laurence Juber giving an assembly at Pooler Elementary accompanied by Rebekah Pearce who started GITC lessons last year.

Continuing classes on Hilton Head Island will begin in October.

Guitars In The Classroom: Summer 2013
On June 19, 2013 I worked with teachers from Beaufort County School District for a full-day institute day. I wish you could have seen and heard what they accomplished! By the end of the day they were changing chords G/C/D, knew at least five different strums, and had written lines and whole verses to familiar songs that connected with what they teach in the classroom. They also played a mean kazoo! (Thanks to Kazoobie Kazoo for donating the kazoos.)Their enthusiasm will carry on through the summer as they practice and learn more songs. In the fall they’ll be ready to use music as an instructional tool to help their students learn in Early Childhood through High School Classes. I’ll be back teaching more GITC classes in the fall. Please check back, as soon as I get permission from the teachers I’ll be posting pictures of that great day.
Summer Beginners

Thanks to Scott and John at John’s Music, 23 New Orleans, HHI for their ongoing awesome support of Guitars In The Classroom. They keep our guitars in great shape, provide a place for classes, offer advice and support to all our players as they get their own guitars and accessories.

Thanks to all the great teachers who are taking their time to learn to play guitar to integrate music across the curriculum in the Beaufort County, SC and in the Savannah, GA area schools.

Fall 2012 classes on Hilton Head and in Pooler GA have just finished. Each week I got to teach some amazing teachers and other adults who are dedicated to doing everything they can to help students learn. Great work everyone. Next classes begin in February 2013. Please use the “Contact Joan” link to the right if you’d like to be notified when registration is open for the February classes.
pictures from Summer 2012

Since Joan moved to Colorado in June 2016, she has been teaching GITC classes in Loveland, Ft. Collins, Pueblo and Aurora Colorado.