Recorded in June of 2013, So Much More is now available! (See Store) Below is song list, some songs can be heard on the listen link.

1. Keep This Feelin’ Around (©Joan Maute & Kath Gileno, Studio 2) 2:46
2. New Beginnings/So Much More (©Joan Maute, Studio 2) 2:21
3. Baseball On The Block (John McCutcheon & Si Khan©1991 John
McCutcheon/Appalsongs ASCAP & Joe Hill Music ASCAP) 4:00
4. Take Me Out To The Ballgame (©Jack Norworth & Albert Von Tilzer, Jerry Vogel Music and Sony/ATV Tunes) 2:59
5. All Things Considered (©Jon Vezner, Universal-Songs of Polygram) 2:35
6. Mrs. Hemingway (©Mary Chapin Carpenter, Why Walk Music) 4:59
7. My Life Song (©Joan Maute & Anne Martin, Studio 2) 4:02
8. Miss You Most (©Natalia Zukerman, Natalia Zukerman Pub. ASCAP) 2:25
9. This Old Town (©Janis Ian & Jon Vezner, Taosongs Two (50%)/Universal-Songs of Polygram.) 3:25
10. These Things Live On In Me* (©Joan Maute, Studio 2) 3:24
11. Vancouver 7 AM* (©Joan Maute, Studio 2) 3:39

Vocals and Guitar:  Joan Maute
Guitars and Keyboard:  Thomm Jutz
Upright Bass: Mark Fain
Fiddle, Mandolin and Banjo: Justin Moses
Percussion:  Lynn Williams, *Pat McInerney
Recorded, mixed, and mastered Thomm Jutz, TJ Tunes, Nashville, TN