Video Posted July, 2015. Warmth of the Day was written in 2014, recorded in November 2014 (once again with Thomm and the guys) and the video produced in July 2015. It is my song for Hilton Head Island beaches and the people who enjoy friends and family on days at any beach.

Video Posted June, 2015. You may recognize the music, this is an instrumental version of “Warmth of the Day” used as background for an overview of Mark’s Art Show at the Greer Gallery on Hilton Head Island, June 2015.

Video Posted December, 2013 for Mark’s 67th birthday. I wrote this in 1981 and rerecorded it in 2010. I took most of the photos in Vancouver along the walk I took when I first wrote the song. Others were taken when we were married (1969), when Kyle was a newborn (1974), when Mark and Kyle were building the wine cellar (1982) etc. Like “These Things Live On In Me”, the song was recorded in Nashville with Thomm and the guys.

Video posted on YouTube for Mother’s Day, 2013

Written for my Mom, Dr. Hazel Goddard, for her 98th birthday, August 17, 2010. Mom loved this song. I continue to sing it to remember and honor her. Thanks Mom for all you gave me and continuing to guide me.

This was recorded by Mark Easley Thursday, July 28, 2011 at the
Swannanoa Gathering, Contemporary Folk/Guitar Week, in North Carolina. Fiddle player is Sage Snider. The song is These Things Live On In Me, written for Mom’s 98th birthday, August 17, 2010.

Get Out and Stay Out! Video released for Fire Prevention Month.